<3 Mimi <3

Your eyes are a beautiful green,

Your heart is warm and loving,

Your arms are always wide open

And ready for a hug.

Your smile is perfect,

Full of love.

I love you,

You’re amazing

In every single way.

I couldn’t ask for a kinder person.

I couldn’t ask for a more forgiving person.

There is no one like you

Because you’re special.

You’re the brightest star in the sky.

You’re the only blooming plant.

And i cheerish the times we spend together.

I cheerish all of the laughter

And joyful tears.

I always think of you when our song plays.

When I’m sad

You always say the funniest things to make me feel better.

I love you Mimi.

You’re the best!!!


Trust Me When I Say……

Trust me……..
When I say that…….
I’ll love you forever,
When I say you’re the face I won’t forget….
When I say you’re the love I’ll cherish…..
When I say you’ll be the hardest to get over…….
When I say I’ll love you forever…..
When I say I’ll never forget you!!!

For all of my suporters going through hard times

You’re beautiful,
You’re special,
You’re one of a kind,
But all in the best way.
No matter what anyone says
You’re perfect,
In your own ways,
Even with your flaws.
Believe in yourself,
Love yourself,
Don’t put yourself down.
I know things can get hard,
But that doesn’t mean you give up.
Thing aren’t always easy,
Don’t get mad when you fail.
Things won’t go your way sometimes,
Just be happy when it does. Keep trying.
And you can do anything. Your heart desires.