<3 Mimi <3

Your eyes are a beautiful green,

Your heart is warm and loving,

Your arms are always wide open

And ready for a hug.

Your smile is perfect,

Full of love.

I love you,

You’re amazing

In every single way.

I couldn’t ask for a kinder person.

I couldn’t ask for a more forgiving person.

There is no one like you

Because you’re special.

You’re the brightest star in the sky.

You’re the only blooming plant.

And i cheerish the times we spend together.

I cheerish all of the laughter

And joyful tears.

I always think of you when our song plays.

When I’m sad

You always say the funniest things to make me feel better.

I love you Mimi.

You’re the best!!!

At the tone

I remember when you told me that you had to leave
That you would be back
The you walked out the door
It’s been a week since then
Trust me
I’ve called you about a million times
I just get your voice mail
Why did you just leave???
Not even a goodbye
No you just left
I text you
I’ve tried it all
If I could go back to that day
I would tell you to not leave
That i need you
But I can’t and I guess…
Nothing will change that
I wish you where here
And everything was the same
How it used to be
Just you and me
What did I do wrong???
What did I say???
Just answer that
I promise I’ll make it up
Just come back to me
This is what I’ll leave at the tone
(Ring…..ring…..”Sorry the person you have dialed is temporarily unavailable. Please leave you’re message at the tone…BEEP…”)

Over You

I’m just lying around with that old t-shirt you gave me
Thinking of how we could’ve turned out
But its not like…
I can do or say anything that will change your mind
So I’m …….
Gonna get over you tonight
And i don’t care
What other people think of me
I’m gonna go out
With my girls tonight
We’re gonna dance like no ones watching
I’m gonna throw away everything that’s yours
And when you pass by
I’m gonna hold my head up high
So you’re gonna know that I’m over you…..

True Love

When you’re in love…..
You constantly stare at him……
You feel your heart drop to your stomach
When he looks at you….
You think about him first thing when you wake up….
Last thing when you go to sleep…
And everything in between…
How do you know when you’re in love???
Truly i don’t know I’ve never been in love….
You see it in movies….
But there’s one in a million chances it will happen way it does in the movies……
Trust me everyone finds their love one day or another.
You will too!!!

Good Morning

Do you smell that???
Take a deep breath in….
Bathe in the earthly aroma…..
The smell of rain..
The smell of wet earth……..
Somehow soothes my stressed mind………
Makes my tense shoulders relax…
Gives my nose a break from the stained smell of perfume…
Gives my eyes a break from the horrible vision of the world……
The beautiful sun rising over the horizon….
The beautiful ombre of yellow,orange, and various reds….
How beautiful!!!
Good morning.